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Judy Scott Welden

I hope you find this to be a useful, friendly site. I have created it with the goal of sharing recipes, D.I.Y crafts and home organization tips.

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Asparagus Quiche

If you are trying to save on your grocery dollars, here is a simple tip. Serve eggs for supper in place of meat at least once a week.  

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Rice & Bean Casserole


This is a great one-pan dish that everyone likes!

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Egg Casserole from the Hudson Family recipe book

Some recipes just become family favourites!  In our family, my dad's favourite was the cheese strata I made one Sunday morning many years ago.  I was only in grade 10 or so and insisted that I put together a special recipe and everyone leave the kitchen until it was ready.  I remember that my dad was so impressed by the way my egg casserole just puffed up out of the baking pan when I pulled it from the oven.  He said, "that was the best breakfast ever"!

I haven't made that egg casserole or strata recipe for a while now, but I came across a recipe very similar on #Burnbrae Farms web site.  They have the recipe listed under their own Hudson family favourites.  

I was thinking, hey this might be perfect for serving this Sunday.  I really like that this type of breakfast recipe is assembled the night before.  Some cookbooks call this style of recipe the  'wife saver casserole'.  

Here is the link to the recipe  The Egg Dish from #Burnbrae Farms Web Site  I am going to put it together on Saturday night so it can be baked Sunday morning.  Ummm, true boring foodie I am - spend Saturday night in the kitchen.  Oh well, each to her own.  Have a great weekend everyone and as Ellen says, "be kind to one another" - (just love that) 

Warmest Regards,

Judy Foodie.ca


How much do you really know about why red canned salmon is good for you?

Well today is a day to open a can of red salmon. It's not an official  'open red canned salmon day' or anything, but I just decided in my computer, kitchen and head, that is what I am doing, so maybe it's my official day! 

Yes, I have had a can of red salmon in the back part of my cupboard for several months, but today is the day, I am eating it up. I tend to buy up canned red salmon when I see it on sale, (like mother, like daughter). We can't resist a food and nutrition bargain! 

I am a real bread lover but today I am going to skip the bread, (as my mid section is just so squishy these days) and just eat the salmon between two leaves of romaine lettuce as shown in my video called #lunch hacks that ditch the bread.

  • The wonderful omega-3s in the salmon are heart-friendly. The nutrition scientists and Registered Dietitians (the authorities I trust) say that the fats make tiny particles in blood, called platelets, less sticky, thus reducing the possibility that they'll clump together to form blood clots that might
    obstruct a blood vessel and trigger a heart attack. Oh man!

So all in all, I don't think you can go wrong by adding more salmon or any fish to your diet.

Keep well. You can message me through twitter @JudyFoodieCA

Judy Foodie.ca

Oh Canada, true north strong and free. Judy Foodie is a proud Canadian Foodie. Judy is a college professor, home economist, nutritionist, lover of her Canadian home, kitchen, craft room, farmers and buying and eating mostly Canadian produced food. 

An avid consumer advocate, she volunteers and works with various like-minded Canadian organizations. You can find Judy at: 

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